Because I’m an Expert: Baby Faves

This is a follow-up to my Because I’m an Expert: Newborn Faves post, because babies change so quickly, and all that crap you needed when they were tiny newborns is hardly relevant 5 months later. I will say a number of things we LOVED at birth, we are still loving, or have found different uses for them, so check out the newborn list if you are on the hunt for what to register for.

I have a friend who is having a baby in July, that I was able to pass some stuff onto. I know you can sell or consign baby stuff, but it feels so much better to pass it on to a mom  you know. I was so lucky when I was pregnant and was gifted so many hand-me-downs, and I want to continue the flow of mama-karma by giving away things too! Today Mr. Gaunt and I went through all of Vada’s clothing and pulled out all 0-3, 3-6 and many 6 month clothing items. We donated the basic items and kept a handful of special items (for future babies I don’t actually plan on having). Vada is mostly in 9 month onesies and 12 month pants. She’s kind of tall and thin right now, plus cloth diapers make a big booty, so you have to go up a size in length usually. It’s bitter sweet how big my baby is.

Without further babble, here are some of my current faves:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.18.46 PM

1. OsoCozy Flannel Wipes: The uses for these are endless. We have probably 75 of them. They are used for: Diaper changes, baby nose wipes, drool, spills, suck cloth, mom/dad nose blowing….everything. I toss them in the wash, and then distribute them all over the house. We have some in bed, in the car, in the kitchen, on the couch, we love em.

2.Space Saver High Chair: I was surprised that at 4 months Vada was easily able to sit in her high chair. We unfortunately do not have a dining room, and our house is small, so the space saver kind is awesome! Vada’s Nana even got one for her house in Colorado when we went to visit. I think I might get another one for our restaurant too. They are great for feeding and for just safe play.  I had originally coveted this beautiful Oxo Tot High Chair, but when my friend gave me this one when her daughter was done using it, I quickly forgot about the fancy one. I also like that this one has soft padding and a high back, to support a baby that can’t quite sit up on her own yet. Plus they come in a lot of cute gender neutral patterns. The tray comes off easily and everything cleans nicely.

Activity Mat & Toy Links:  We have a pretty basic one that my friend Jenny gave us. It doesn’t light up or sing or really have many toys. One of my favorite mom-blogs, Baby Kerf, recommended buying a  couple packs of these toy links, and they are great. We hang all kinds of toys from her play mat, as well as on her high chair, car seat, stroller, anywhere. It keeps toys from falling on the floor, and she loves them. The mat was one of the first “toys” we had out. We laid her on it at probably 2 months old, and she would just stare blankly at all the toys. Within a month she was reaching (the first time she ever reached for a toy! Watch the video HERE) for things, and now she’s a wild animal on her gym! Every morning I get her dressed, lay her on her mat and she plays by herself for almost an hour every single morning while I get ready. It’s SWEET! Couldn’t live without it.

4. Ikea KRAMA Towels: I’m really into these handy white wash cloths with loops now that we are eating some solids. I don’t want to use a new wash cloth at every meal, so I just ring these out with hot water and hook them on a kitchen cabinet knob, and they are ready for the next meal time. Plus they aren’t too soft, or too rough, and you can bleach them. It’s the little things in life.

5. Boon Grass Drying Rack & Tree : If you end of doing any regular bottles or breast pumping, you NEED one of these. They are great! We originally didn’t have the Tree, and I thought it seemed unnecessary, but it’s not, its excellent! Plus its cute and modern. We don’t have a dishwasher, so everything is hand washed, and we really could manage without this. We use Dr. Brown bottles and they have lots of little parts to clean and dry.Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.18.37 PM

6. Cool Mist Humidifier: Being a winter baby these have been really important to keeping our sinuses and skin moist. We have two of them (they went on sale at Mr. Gaunt’s work for $24 each!) one in our living room and one in our bedroom.  We try not to bathe Vada too often, which can dry out her skin, and I use saline drops in her nose when she gets a cold, but I also really think these help.

7.  Boba 3G Carrier: Now that Vada is a little bigger, I’m loving the Boba 3G even more (yes it was on my newborn list too!). I feel like it took us a while to get her little legs to fit right in the holes, and for her to stop being so obsessed with nursing while I was wearing her. Now she fit’s great, and enjoys looking around while I wear her. I use this mostly when we go grocery shopping, or any real errand running. I HATE dragging around the heavy infant seat, plus it fills up the whole shopping cart (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PARENTS STOP PUTTING INFANT CARRIERS IN THE TOP OF CARTS!) and really Vada doesn’t want to sit in a seat, she wants to be up and in on the action. I love our Boba!

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone: (no photo)To some extent I actually hate these things. I mean they are big and ugly and take up so much room. They also only really buy you 20 minutes of entertainment, if you are lucky. That being said, 20 minutes of baby entertainment is like GOLD for a working mom. I use this while I clean, curl my hair, or do office work. She likes it well enough, and for the price, under $40, its worth it.  I would NEVER spend $75 or more on one of these things. This one is NOT fancy, but if you link a bunch of toys on it its kind of fun, plus its lightweight and I can drag it around the house with me where I need it. Like I said, 20 minutes is sooooo nice sometimes. 

8. TOYS VADA LIKES: Monkey, Wrecking Ball, Owl, Sophie, Giraffe Paci, Skwish Ball. She also loves any small fabric stuffed animal she can cram in her mouth.

9. Hey Bear -Baby View Classical Music- Soothe and relax your baby – High Contrast – Infant Visual Stimulation: DONT JUDGE ME, but this is the only technology “screen time” we let her watch, and oh my god she loves it! I figure it’s so similar to the books, and it has classical music. I put it on in the morning on our big screen TV while she plays on her mat, and it is a life saver. It’s an hour-long, no commercials or anything, and its so pleasant. Just black and white shapes and classical music. If that is some how rotting Vada’s brain, then so be it. 

vadas wardrobe

Value Village & Goodwill: 99% of Vada’s wardrobe comes from thrift stores, mostly Value Village, and some Goodwill. I love cute baby clothes, and I love dressing her up, but there is no way in hell I’m paying full price for ANYTHING. She has already grown out of an entire wardrobe in her 5 short months. I can get great brands: Hanna Andersson, Boden, Baby GAP, REI, cheaper than Carter’s Clearance! Not that there is anything wrong with Carters, I like their kids pajamas, and there basic leggings are pretty cheap, but in general, they aren’t my style, and I don’t love the quality. I love the hunt of thrift stores, and I love the unique vintage or handmade items you could never get in a regular store. I have also tried a few kids consignment stores, and although you can get some cute stuff, it’s usually more expensive. I know thrifting isn’t for everyone, but man I highly recommended it for kids clothing!




Raising Vada: Right On Schedule

Vada is just shy of five months old. Seriously. Where did time go? The tiny infant stage flew by so fast, and although I am so grateful to be over those panicky exhausting days of nursing and sleeping, I honestly feel like I didn’t get enough tiny baby snuggles. She was big to begin with, and although her weight has leveled out (she’s only 15.5lbs, about 60 percentile) her height has stayed above the 90th percentile. She also just seems older than most babies. She’s strong and sturdy and so alert. She doesn’t nap, she sleeps through the night. She’s taken a bottle perfectly, she’s loving solid foods, and hasn’t met one she doesn’t like. She’s just an older soul. She’s ready for everything, and seems to take every new step with such grace and strength. She’s amazing. I know all moms say that, but for real folks. All this change and growth is so awesome to watch. It happens so fast, just days, weeks and she’s a different baby. We take photos and videos and do our best to watch and enjoy each stage, but in her 5 little months, it’s all gone by so quickly, and like I said, I miss a little bit of the tiny stage, but I love the bigger baby stage too.  I will never regret capturing and sharing all the joys of her life. She is so lucky (and DESERVING!!!) to have so many people who thinks she is so wonderful.

Things going on these days:

vada baby

1. Sleep Training:

Touchy subject. People have strong feelings on sleep training. I have strong feelings about LISTENING to my strong feelings, and doing what feels right to me. When Vada was born, and we went to bed that first night, despite having already decided I didn’t want to co-sleep, I had to bring her to bed with me. It was the only place I could trust, could keep her safe and watch over her. It felt right at the time, and it worked well for night nursing, and we all slept well. Vada slept 12 hours a night right from the start, only waking to gently squirm so I could nurse her for 10 minutes, and back to sleep. At three months things began to change. I woke up sore and achy from always sleeping on my side. My elbows ached from always keeping my arms above my head to make room for her. I felt like I was 9 months pregnant again, and sleeping like crap. Vada also began crazy arm thrashing, waking herself up by hitting her face, and making me feel attacked all night long. Shortly after she turned 4 months old I woke up sobbing one morning. I begged Mr. Gaunt to take her for a drive so I could sleep for an hour alone, and damn was it a glorious 2 hours by myself. That’s when I knew I was ready to get my bed back. We tried one night to move her to the pack n play next to our bed, but that really did not go well, and I couldn’t take the crying, it wasn’t right for us. I also wondered if simply moving her next to us, was only making the process harder, would we really want to add another transition into her route to her own room?

We went to Colorado for 5 days mid-march, and I told Mr. Gaunt that when we got back I wanted to get her in her crib, in her room. I prepared for the worst. I figure we would try as mild of a “cry-it-out” situation as we could. I figured there would be lots of nursing and rocking, and checking in on her. Maybe a few sleepless nights. We got back from Colorado on a Sunday afternoon. That evening at 7:45 we put her in her jammies, I nursed her until she got sleepy, laid her in her crib, gave her a paci, turned on her white noise machine and shut the door. She fell asleep instantly and didn’t wake up until 8am the next day (MY BOOBS ALMOST EXPLODED!). It was the best night sleep I had in over a year. Everyone said it wouldn’t last, that it was a fluke night, and I prepared again for the worse. It’s been 12 days now, and my baby sleeps every night, (almost)all night in her crib. She was obviously just as ready as I was! She does occasionally wake up, somewhere between 11 and 1am, and I go in and silently put her paci back in her mouth, restart the white noise, and she falls asleep. Then most mornings between 5 and 7am she wakes up to nurse, I bring her into bed with me for about a half hour, and then when she falls asleep I put her back in her crib to sleep until 8am.  I’m sleeping and she’s sleeping, and we all couldn’t be happier. I know teething and illness may affect this later on, but for now I’m thanking my lucky stars. She’s such a big girl, and I really hope that she knows how much we love her, and that she is safe, and that we will always come get her if she needs us. The best part of this whole thing is that now Mr. Gaunt and I get at least 2 hours of quiet time to eat dinner and watch a TV show alone together. It gives us the slightest glimmer of our old life, and time to snuggle Hula. It’s splendid.

vada baby 2

2. Nursing:

I had planned on doing a long post about this subject alone, but really, who cares but me? Long story (kinda) short: Vada didn’t gain any weight between 2 and 3 months, not a pound. Her breastfeeding style also changed, and she became increasingly frustrated at the breast. She would cry a lot, pull off, whine, and hit me while nursing. I could tell my supply had changed too. I no longer ever felt engorged, I didn’t leak, and I went from being able to pump 4-5oz every morning, to only getting 1 oz. I felt sad and scared and really discouraged. I cried a lot, and finally turned to the online mom group I was a part of and begged for advice. A few mom’s recommend I talk with a Wallgreens Lactation Consultant, so I got a recommendation from my doctor, and they sent one over. The LC was very kind. She weighed Vada, and had me nurse on one side, then the other, then weighed her to see how much she was getting. After looking at all the numbers it was determined that not only had Vada not gained any weight over the previous 3.5 weeks, but she was also not getting nearly enough food from each breast. The LC recommended I begin immediately supplementing 8-10 times a day using an SNS (a long tube that runs along your nipple so you can feed a baby formula at the breast. This allows for stimulation which helps produce more milk). She also recommended using a Hospital grade breast pump for 10 minutes after each feeding, and taking a lactation extract like Mothers Milk, drink lots of water, and take my placenta encapsulation pills. Long story short, the amount of sadness, stress, money and anguish this whole process caused me, felt wrong. It took me two weeks of non stop feeding, pumping, and stress to finally stop the madness and re-evaluate what I was doing. I did feel like the SNS was helping, and the formula began to feel like friend instead of foe (I was VERY reluctant to even use formula), but how long could I do this? A month? 6 months? I just couldn’t keep it up, so I stopped pumping all together. No more. I would never pump again, as it never worked, and it made me feel like shit. I also switched from the SNS to a larger bottle of formula. Over the last three weeks the stress has melted away, and I stopped feeling like crap about my abilities to feed my baby, I just fed her as best I could. My supply also felt like it had picked up a little. Now we do only one or two, 4oz bottles a day of an organic formula, and the rest straight breastfeeding.

I know they say BREAST IS BEST, but sometimes just feeding your baby is best. Sometimes the guilt and stress that other moms put on each other over stupid things like the ability to breastfeed is way more detrimental than a little formula in a bottle. I wish that before Vada was born someone would have told me that it was ok if I chose not to pump. That if I needed someone else to feed my baby while I was at work, a little formula was ok. That EBF (Exclusive Breast Feeding) is not an award given to the best mom. A happy healthy baby is the award! So yeah, we have found a good rhythm for our feeding, and I feel so happy that all of this came to light at 3 months, instead of torturing me until 9 months or longer.

3. Eating Solids:

Over the last week or so we have started some solid foods. We are doing Baby Led Weaning (aka larger hunks of food, not purees) and Vada loves it! We have done banana, hardboiled egg yolk, avocado, blueberries and some Mum Mums. I’m probably not being as diligent about waiting x-amount of days before trying new things, but I’m being cautious to watch for any allergic reactions, and we are really keeping it super casual. “Food Before One is Just For Fun!”

vada baby 3

4. Social Media:

I chose to leave the mom group I was a part of on Facebook recently. I realized that it was way more toxic than entertaining. I can’t even explain why it felt so bad, but it did. Too many opinions, too much information being passed amongst moms. It was helpful, it was just frustrating. It gave me a bad view on motherhood, and made me fearful of judgement and opinions. With that I chose to delete anyone on my Facebook page that I was either “hate-reading” or trying to impress, or just plain didn’t need to have as part of my life. Not in a drama-way, I really have no drama in my life, but I like Facebook, and I like to keep my Facebook page positive and caring and a little more personal. I like to share things with people, and be supportive and generally happy with my FB profile. I have a very private Instagram Account as well. I really only follow, and let follow a select few people who I trust and feel comfortable with. Lastly I left a number of other online groups, where I felt there was too much mom-cliquey-ness. I have no need to give myself an excuse to feel bad about myself, so if it felt bad I got rid of it. Believe me when I say that deleting all that toxic-ness from my life was a breath of fresh air, and I don’t regret any of it!

vada baby 4

5. Working Life:

Vada is currently going once a week to a nanny for 3 hours. This is so I can attempt to get office work done for the restaurant. This has been one of the most challenging things, finding time to get things done. A baby demands constant interaction and stimulation. They want to be held and cooed at and walked around. They don’t want to sit and watch you work. They don’t want to sleep for hours on end (well, not my baby) nor should they be expected to. It’s my job as her mom to make sure all of her needs are met, and her needs involve exploring and interacting with the world. So it’s my job as a new mom, to figure out how to make it all work. To adjust my priorities, to let things go that don’t matter, to create new schedules for our life. I want to be a present mom, to help her grow and feel good about herself, and take in all the knowledge and experiences she needs. It’s also my job to keep myself sane, and to keep feeding my own soul, my own heart, my own dreams and passions. I think what I’ve realized is that like so many times in my life, now is not the time for me to have a perfect balance. Right now is just a time for struggling. It’s a time for sweet baby kisses, and late taxes. It’s a time for flabby mom tummies, and easter bunny photos. It’s a time for swim lessons, and being broke. It’s just where I’m at, and in a year, or two, I won’t be here anymore, and things will feel better in ways, and different in ways, and sad because my baby isn’t a baby anymore. So I’m trying to be patient, and remember that although it all feels so encompassing and so important right now, it’s ok to struggle and its ok to fail, and its ok to fall way way way behind. Mom life is so fast, and so slow.

It’s important for me to get it all out. It’s important for me to accept all my feelings about motherhood, and process them, and cry about them, and brag about them. I wish I had more time to blog, to chat with other moms, to just live in the moment. I’m not perfect, never have been, never will be, but for now I get the lucky life of being Vada’s mom, and I’m trying to be an ok one.

Mrs. Crafty McHolidays: FEBRUARY

As part of my New Years Resolution to make two things a month, see January HERE.

Both of these projects were for Valentines day, but could easily be used for other holidays.

Vada’s Photo Strip Valentines:

vday1I REALLY wanted to send out Valentines from Vada this year to some friends and family. I think I got them in the mail early enough that they actually arrived in time for V-Day. They were fun to make, although it took me 3 days to finish them, babies only give you 30 minute windows of free time (I’m currently blogging during one of those windows). They were also super cheap to make as the only thing I paid for was the printing of the strips.

I woke up one morning, and even before brushing my teeth, I dressed Vada up, taped some red and white stripe wrapping paper to the kitchen wall/floor and took some photos of her and Hula. Easy Peasy. If you need help with how to do this, I recommend you check out YHLs monthly photos tutorial (they use fabric not wrapping paper). Then I used this Photoshop tutorial to create the image. This was super easy even if you have limited PS skills.

I went to FEDEX Office and used their photo printing machine and printed two sheets of these:


Then used a mix of paper, vellum, brads and ribbon to decorate them into photostrip book marks. Then we wrote on the back, stuffed em in red envelopes and mailed them off! I was so proud of myself!

PicMonkey Collage


Strawberry Cake with Buttercream Frosting

strawberry cake

I basically followed this tutorial for the cake, which is just doctoring a regular boxed cake. I think I will do this with every boxed cake I make! Its soo moist and a little dense, in a good way. YUM! Also my grocery store didn’t have strawberry pudding, so I used vanilla, tastes just as good. The layer of homemade raspberry jam was a last-minute addition, and it MADE THE CAKE! We at it in an embarrassing amount of time.



I can’t believe we are now into March! I got St. Patrick’s up in 17 days! Plus a vacation to Colorado in just a couple weeks!


Raising Vada: It’s In The Stars

Microsoft Word - morgan & vada.doc

As a BIRTH-day gift my mom bought Vada and I an astrological reading, to be conducted after she was born. My mom has a friend that does them, and had her own done a few years ago. She knew that I was sort of interested in Astrology, and that it would be a cool thing for us to pre-visualize the type of person Vada may become.

I will say now that Astrology is not for everyone. I believe anyone going in for a reading should look at it with an open mind and remember that it’s not FACT or TRUTH, but more of a spiritual idea about what may be…

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.07.32 AMWe gave Kat Bula (our Astrologer) the date, time, and location of both Vada and my birth. Then she created the chart, and sent me a questionnaire about what sort of things I might want information on. This helps her focus her study on a few life events as opposed to just a broad reading. I wrote the following on my questionnaire:

-Mother Daughter Relationships

-Growing my Family/Family Planning

-Entrepreneurship (also in relation to family)

Tonight Kat came over and sat with me on my couch, and while my cellphone recorded the hour and half consultation, she showed me what was in the stars for Vada and I. It was quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. It felt like therapy, only without all the frustrations of FIGURING IT OUT over months and months. It was like she already knew the questions I would ask, the things the wore me down, and she had flat-out ANSWERS to some of my relationship worries.

Having a complete stranger sit down and immediately say “You were born to have two great paths in life. To be a mother, and to work. Your paths run parallel to each other and are equally strong. You will not be able to get away from either one.  It would not have been possible for you to NOT become a mother, and it will not be possible for you to make motherhood your work. You will feel the pains of balancing these two things more than most women will ever know, or could ever understand. This does not make you a bad mother, in fact you will be a better mother than most women” brought me to tears.

I left feeling like I knew myself more, and got a secret glimpse into who Vada will become. Here are some notes from our session that she sent me afterward, although I have the entire thing on tape, which I plan to listen to at least once a year on Vada’s birthday, if not more often. I seriously recommend EVERYONE have this done. It felt so inspiring and comforting. I am not a person of religious faith, but I am a person who believes in destiny, life paths, and that everything happens for a reason. This felt life changing at a point in time where life felt like it was going to break me. I haven’t blogged much simply because I have been at a loss for how to describe what’s going on with me. These notes Kat sent me from our sessions bring it all to light.


-Through 2014 (I looked this up), and particularly right now and in November, you’re dealing with your Saturn Return.  That is to say, you’re involved in a major life turning point where you’re sorting out what you want to create for your life and which structures need to be in place to support that, and which to let go of.  Ride it out, and do the work even when it’s hard.  Specifically: yes, you can (and must) balance family and career.  You are not a bad mom if you work, and you don’t have to neglect your child and partner in order to be creatively fulfilled in the world.  You just have to figure out what that balance looks like on a day-to-day level for you.

-It’s okay to sometimes feel resentful of the limitations you face as a result of your responsibility for your family.  Don’t try to stuff it and pretend you don’t feel it.  Vada will still feel it, and she won’t be able to understand it.  Better to process it in a safe space–making art, in a journal, exercising, talking with Jay or Linda or other friends or a therapist… whatever your strategy is for working through stuff.  You are not a bad mom for feeling this.

-You and Vada have lots to learn from one another!  She gives you the opportunity to work out your balance of responsibility to loved ones vs. responsibility to yourself to create your work in the world.  You get to teach her what you already know about how to share power with other people, making friends, etc.

-Vada’s a super emotional, intuitive person.  She will respond much more to “vibes” than words. 

-Physical affection from both of you will really help her stay grounded and feel safe and loved.  As stable a home environment as you can manage will also help.

-Vada may fear your temper, whether it’s explosive or held beneath the surface.  Take care in how you express criticism/disapproval.  Remember that she’s more sensitive to tone than words.  Be sure she can feel that you love her, even when you don’t love what she’s doing.

-”Is this criticism something I really need to express?  What will happen if I don’t?”  –Ask yourself this, and teach Vada to ask herself this, too.

-Vada will need a lot of gentle support learning to understand and work with her feelings, especially with peers.  She’ll also need help learning to share control with her friends about what happens during playtime, or on a group project, etc.  Actually, this goes for sharing, period.  Resist the urge to try to control her decisions about how and when to express herself with her peers.  Help her see why you have the opinion you have, but empower her to make the decision for herself.  (Unless someone’s in real danger or something, obviously.)

-Vada will likely feel more comfortable with your style of expression than Jay’s.  She may feel like she can’t “read” him and wonder if he’s hiding his real feelings from her.  This is another thing that may be eased by lots of hugs, etc., which will give her something nonverbal to “read”.





Amazing right? It was so much more than this too, but these were the things we focused on. It’s like it narrows down the HUGE WIDE WORLD OF PARENTING into a smaller more manageable idea. Things I can put energy into before I cause damage to our relationship! She said things like “I bet you have a hard time dealing with your desire to be a perfectionist and not being aggressive in your demands from others” NAIL ON HEAD FOLKS! It never stopped, over and over she told me things about myself in the most loving way possible. She made me feel like my flaws were SUPPOSE to be there. That my personality is my destiny and my life is simply learning to use it all.

We talked about even more specific things like having more children “you could have 20 children, and be an amazing mother to them all, but it will make it harder to fulfill your NEED to continue to work and fulfill yourself. One child will make this less difficult.”  “Vada will be ok with siblings, and Vada will be ok without siblings” I KNOW! ITS EVERYTHING IVE BEEN OBSESSING OVER!

I know this all comes off as very personal to me, but I wanted to share it with others in hopes that they may seek out a similar experience. I went to a year of couple therapy (which was also very beneficial) but was never able to get this much insight and answers about my life. I’m planning on having Mr. Gaunt’s chart done too now. I suppose people who are not as introspective as I am may not get quite as much out of it, but I still think it is a wonderful wonderful gift to be able to experience this. HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MOM for this experience. (I’m going to have our duel chart framed and matted for her room)

Mrs. Crafty McHolidays: JANUARY

You guys! I thought of a REAL New Years Resolution! One that shouldn’t be too hard, and should actually make me happier! So Ive decided to do 2 craft project a month, that’s it! I’m actually really excited about this. I have a HUGE craft board on Pinterest, over 200 crafting ideas. I also have a huge holiday board, with a million holiday related projects too. Id like to do maybe one holiday and one baby related project each month, but I’m open to change.  Crafting really makes me happy, but I can so easily not do something, or buy something, and handmade is so much better and more personal! I’m going to do my best to stick with it.

This month I did in fact do one baby and one holiday project! For Christmas I bough this super cute Christmas bunting at a craft fair, and I decided to try to make my own Valentines Day bunting. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and it inspired me to decorate the “mantel” and the kitchen. I always told myself when I had kids that I would decorate for every holiday! Now I’m a mom, and I’m all about it!





vday7  vday4




Next up, Vada and I attended her first baby birthday party! My good friends son turned 1, and they had a Mickey Mouse themed party. I wanted to make something simple, cute and fun for a one year old. I decided on counting bean bags, because I could kind of wing it, and I it wouldn’t be over my sewing skill level (which is very low). I filled them with real beans, and used fabric paint to do 1-10. I put them in a bucket that I wrapped in black and red Duct Tape.



mik1  mik5



So January was a success! Two projects down. I’m looking forward to doing another two in February.